Culture and Professional Development are your Competitive Advantage!

I once worked with a start-up whose CEO and Founder emphasized that the organization was a team, not a family, at each new employee’s onboarding. He noted that each team member had responsibilities and accountabilities and that all needed to “pull their weight” for themselves and the broader team. Each time he said that I […]

The new Contract between Employees and Businesses

As we enter 2023, I am excited by the potential changes in the “contract” between businesses and employees. I think that, ultimately, there will be a positive balance!  The COVID pandemic continues to shake up and disrupt our sense of work and connection to work, and the impacts have been painful and transformational. It forced us to […]

The Power of Gratitude

As we head into the season of celebrations and traditions, we may have a more challenging time getting into the holiday spirit. Given our experiences with the pandemic, politics, social unrest, inflation, and what is happening in each of our personal lives, trying to make sense of it all is unsettling.  Being thankful and grateful […]

Towards Building an Equitable Culture

Building and reinforcing an inclusive and equitable culture is a worthwhile goal for many organizations. When it comes to creating a more equitable workplace, we often focus on who gets hired, who is leaving, who gets promoted, or who receives a more significant bonus.  While all these data points are essential, it is critical to […]

Recipe for Toxic Leadership

Leaders can make or break an organization. Some of us have met toxic leaders. You know the ones– individuals in leadership positions that lack leadership skills, have low emotional intelligence, excel at politics, micro-manage, bully, leave things unclear, and take credit for other’s work. Sound familiar? I worked with a client who was going through change. This […]

Secrets for Your Business Success…

Driving Organizational Success Through Your Talent! As leaders, by focusing on how we attract, manage performance, and professionally develop our talent, we can ensure that our organizations have the necessary bench strength to be competitive – the right people, for the right jobs, at the right time!  As I mentioned in a previous post, creating […]

Preventing Harassment in the Workplace: The Importance of a Value-Based Culture

With all the painful announcements and disclosures of late, I cannot help but ask what can we do differently to avoid these abusive situations? What do we need to do to detoxify our organizations so that these unacceptable forms of harassment do not continue?  Understanding how organizational culture is created, and how behavioral expectations are communicated […]