Aaron the Different (Paperback) – 5 Pack


Aaron the Different (Paperback) – 5 Pack

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This powerful story about diversity and inclusion is for people of all ages.

Eight-year-old Aaron lives in a country called Premium on the planet Astron, but unlike his tall, perfectly purple family and friends, Aaron is round, small and green. His classmates tease him and won’t play with him because he’s different from all the other Premiums. Why won’t they accept him for who he is? His only friends are the sunmoonies and myrtledockers, strange and wonderful creatures who live in the forest and teach him the secrets of the mysterious underground caves and tunnels.

When disaster strikes during a school field trip, Aaron is faced with the challenge of his life. Something happens that changes everything, showing Aaron the value of his true inner strength, boosting his confidence, and inspiring the people of Premium forever.

Etty Burk shows that we all possess unique skills and talents and have the power to make real positive change. We can all help people feel they are safe, welcome, and truly belong.