Etty is a wonderful asset to any team looking to grow their HR Infrastructure! She has an extensive knowledge base regarding healthcare companies as well as startups. She is very diplomatic and great at balancing the needs of the company with the needs and perspectives of the employees. She acts with integrity and is reliable and warm. She is our go to consultant for any HR needs that are beyond our scope and I recommend her very highly! She cares about workplace culture, is creative and dedicated to her work. She works well with all members of a team in a collaborative manner.
Carlene Macmillan, MD
Radically Genuine, Relentlessly Curious Psychiatric MedTech Leader, Harvard Trained
Etty is an incredible person, extremely hard-working, and a star at her job. She cares immensely about the team both personally and professionally. Her ​HR and Org Development experience ​was ​an incredible asset to Level. Her team built ​out the HR function​ and led all recruiting efforts as the company doubled in size. Etty was a great resource for the senior team and the board, specifically as it related to employee compliance issues, and how best to manage any challenging HR situations. She is approachable and strategic. I would love to work with Etty again.
Margaret Luh
Director of Marketing at New York Power Authority
Working under Etty, I had the opportunity to learn from her many years of experience in the HR field. Etty has significant practical experience with conflict management and training on talent development. I worked alongside Etty to build out policies in our employee handbook and develop a manager supplement. Her advice on how to make the swathes of information in these handbooks digestible to a broad audience pushed me to create a more fun, impactful, and all-around better policy guide. Etty is an incredibly passionate and determined individual who frequently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her department and organization. Her dedication is a positive example for all.
Elizabeth Himeles
Manager, Talent Acquisition and Engagement & Nonprofit HR Professional. 
Etty is a hardworking and diligent team player. Etty is an exceptional asset in any matrix based project driven environment, her ability to keep stakeholders on point and engaged has tremendous value. Etty worked closely with us on a global transformation project, helping us to liaise effectively with a highly diverse team of stakeholders that spanned the shop floor to the board room and involved representatives from all corners of the globe, ensuring that our communications and considerations where culturally sensitive and appropriate to the recipients. I highly recommend Etty.
Christian Rule
Rapidly transforming green screen systems into modern agile technology assets for Insurers, Banks, Retailers and Manufacturers
I had a pleasure working with Etty during her tenure at Wiley. I also had an opportunity to attend her Talent Development training seminars/training, which were outstanding. Etty is one of the most pleasant, approachable and knowledgeable colleagues we had in HR.
Masha G.
Workplace Experience Manager
I had the opportunity to work with Etty on physician leadership development while at Continuum Health Partners. She assisted in creating five very different plans for five very different physicians who worked with me while at CHP. These MDs have all thrived since our merger with Mount Sinai, each being advanced into critical system roles. A great deal of the credit goes to Etty's career development work with them.
Adam Henick
Managing Partner at New World Health
I worked closely with Etty on the global organisational and leadership development initiatives which impacted on Wiley in the UK. She is brilliant to work with, an achiever who is a consummate professional. Above all she is tremendous fun to work alongside. She is generous with her knowledge and skill and I learned a great deal from her.
Angela Wormald
Vice President, St Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
Etty was always my source of information. Etty was an inspiring mentor and true leader for me and her staff. Etty exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. Etty was my go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving. Etty's positive attitude and the respect for others are admiring and dear to the character of her work ethics and values. Etty has been a great positive role model during my career.
Rolston Cyril Watts
Senior Manager, Development Operations at New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Etty is an extremely knowledgeable and professional individual. It was a great pleasure working with Etty, as with a great deal of experience and knowledge comes also infectious motivation. She is very engaging and very personable, truly great asset to any organization.
Julia Adamian, MD, FACP
Director, Ambulatory Care Primary Care at NYU Langone Health
Etty is focused and goal-oriented. She is professional, thoughtful and pleasant to work with. Etty is very inclusive when working in a group. She is open to other ideas and fosters a team approach in problem solving. Etty would be a valuable asset to any company. Etty's positive attitude and the respect for others are admiring and dear to the character of her work ethics and values. Etty has been a great positive role model during my career.
Irina Markel
Corporate Director, Payroll
I have had the opportunity to participate in Etty’s leadership training and development program; “The Leadership Difference”. Etty has an eye for talent, she is approachable and was a pleasure to work with and learn from. Etty is a very work-committed professional and great leader. She is able to help others improve their organizational effectiveness and she is a very caring and supportive colleague. Etty’s positive attitude, high energy, team spirit and passion for focusing on high quality performance management and leadership development makes her a valuable team member and an asset to any organization, especially one that cares to cultivate and foster exceptional employees.
Stacie Newman, MBA
Management Analyst | Helping Organizations Translate Business Goals Into Reality.
I have known and been collaborating with Dr. Etty Burk for the past year, and can sincerely say that she is among the most innovative leaders in healthcare I've had the pleasure to know. Etty makes things happen. She's a mover and a shaker, in all the right ways. A great innovation success story I learned, of that she led, involved applying insightful critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts and create a winning team in the O.R., and elsewhere in her organization. She confronts difficult challenges head-on and drives home tangible results. If I ran a healthcare (or any other large, complex, challenged) organization, I would want her as a leader on my executive team, for sure. She knows how to plan, push, and inspire an innovative culture, and that's a recipe for success anywhere.Etty would be a valuable asset to any company. Etty's positive attitude and the respect for others are admiring and dear to the character of her work ethics and values. Etty has been a great positive role model during my career.
Charlie Garland
Founder at TheInnovationHabit.com
Etty is a hard-working, focused professional I had the pleasure to call my colleague. I attended several workshops conducted by Etty and always walked away with the feeling that I had truly learned something applicable to my professional development. She possesses valuable components of both HR and industrial psychology. I would recommend her unconditionally.
Deni Auclair
President, Media Growth Strategies, LLC
Working with Etty had been an engaging and learning experience for me as she is always ready to share her ideas and seek feedback for her organization development projects. I had the opportunity to work with Etty on several strategic HR and OD-related global projects.Etty's positive attitude and the respect for others are admiring and dear to the character of her work ethics and values. Etty has been a great positive role model during my career.
T P Tay
People Leader - Asia at Aurecon Singapore (Pte) Ltd
I started working with Etty almost twenty years ago. She is bright, energetic and creative. She has the ability to move new ideas through the most complex of organizations and make change happen. I can attest to her excellent work in transforming organizational cultures and competencies. She is an impressive and professional person.
Jeff DeGraff
Dean of Innovation, Author and Thought Leader
I have known and worked with Etty for several years at Continuum Health Partners, presently part of the Mount Sinai Health System. She is an extraordinarily knowledgable individual in her field. In addition,she is a results oriented, dilgent worker who excels at what she does. She would be an asset to any organization. Etty has been a great positive role model during my career.
Joel Gray
Senior Nurse Recruiter at RCM Health Care Services
I worked with Etty from 2008 to 2011 during my tenure at Long Island College Hospital working for Continuum Health Partners. Etty and I participated in a series of strategic initiatives in which Etty provided leadership in making staff training and development integral to accomplishing organizational goals. Through these efforts programs were developed to better equip staff to advance our organization's agenda.
John Byrne
M&A Advisor at The NYBB Group
Etty is a very detailed, thorough and knowledgeable professional. Her technical expertise in human capital effectiveness and talent management is state of the art. She views issues with an eye towards maximizing impact and she executes with precision. Etty is also customer focused and believes in innovation. It is a pleasure to write this reference for her.Etty has been a great positive role model during my career.
Philip Berry
President at Philip Berry Associates LLC