The new Contract between Employees and Businesses


As we enter 2023, I am excited by the potential changes in the “contract” between businesses and employees. I think that, ultimately, there will be a positive balance!

The COVID pandemic continues to shake up and disrupt our sense of work and connection to work, and the impacts have been painful and transformational. It forced us to challenge our assumptions about which roles can work from home successfully.
Remote work will be a continued reality, and we will see a more hybrid approach to work even when the pandemic is under control. However, with more people potentially working at least some days a week from home, many questions need to be addressed, which include: 
·      How will the organization support home offices? How will the organizations deal with security? What technology is needed to make that happen? How do we attract, hire, develop, reward, and manage performance in this new reality? What are essential manager skills in this new way of working?

·      How will HR and operations create flexible and non-bureaucratic people-focused business processes?
·      With more people working from home and increasing technology support, how can we improve hiring those who cannot easily commute due to family situations or disabilities?
·      There will also be an increased focus on sustaining and reinforcing a consistent and positive employee experience and organizational culture. What changes are needed to current programs, and what sophisticated AI technology will be developed to help employees from wherever they are to connect, feel valued and safe, focus on professional development, share information and data, and provide their needed input?
I look forward to this exciting journey and helping businesses evolve to meet these new realities!

What’s happening at your organization?


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